How to Maximize Value-Add ROI with Rentlytics Renovation Manager

Surprises are great. Except in renovation projects.

Renovations are intended to generate a high ROI, and yet most multifamily leaders still manage these multimillion dollar projects in messy, error-prone spreadsheets. Without accurate data, how can you trust that you’re making the right decisions on your renovations?

Join Rentlytics Co-Founder and CEO, Justin Alanis as he shares how to plan, execute and analyze your renovations the right way for maximum ROI. You’ll learn how to:

  • Better prioritize the expenses that yield the most ROI
  • Bring data and workflows together to enforce best practices and eliminate silos
  • Use historical renovation data to guide planning decisions and aid underwriting
  • Drive visibility, collaboration and effectiveness across all stakeholders

If you want your renovations to produce more ROI, this webinar is for you!

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Justin Alanis

Co-Founder and CEO

Justin Alanis is co-founder and CEO of Rentlytics, a business intelligence platform that harnesses the vast amounts of data within a multifamily portfolio to help guide daily stakeholder decisions. A former real estate fund manager who handled billion-dollar portfolios, he now runs a company that builds software that enables collaboration and transparency between investor and asset manager. He is a frequent speaker at Multifamily and Tech industry events. Justin graduated from the University of Notre Dame.