Purchasing multifamily technology is easy. Making it effective requires the right strategy.

Over the last 10 years, the multifamily real estate technology landscape has exploded. From lead optimization to expense management to business intelligence, multifamily companies now have access to hundreds of tools on top of core property management and finance solutions. In this ultra-high-tech environment, the savviest companies realize that there’s more to a technology purchase than just a signature.

Fill out the form to hear from Laura Zorrilla, Financial Analyst of MEB Management Services, and Rentlytics Director of Customer Success, Dayna Curtis as they discuss MEB’s technology selection process and how they were able to successfully drive company-wide adoption of Rentlytics. They cover how attendees can:

  • Secure buy-in: Identifying key stakeholders in the decision-making process and how to get them on board
  • Gather tech requirements: Assessing your organization’s current state and prioritizing the key performance metrics that need to be tracked
  • Decide on a tech stack: Researching available tech solutions and determining how they will integrate into your organization’s environment alongside existing systems
  • Choose the right vendor: Considering the level of support provided by the vendor including training and onboarding resources
  • Drive adoption: Creating an adoption schedule and anticipating employee reluctance or steeper-than-anticipated learning curves

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Laura Zorrilla

Financial Analyst, MEB Management Services

Laura is well known for her creativity and analytical skills. She has extensive experience in digital media including designing and presenting social media planning and execution on all social media outlets, content creation/curating, analysis of content and strategy implementation for all social media platforms, customer product branding, blogging, creative writing, and account customization. She is a San Diego State University graduate with a BA in Journalism, Liberal Arts and Sciences – emphasis in Media Studies. Laura was a participant in a group project during her time at SDSU providing consulting support to the San Diego County Health and Human Services Agency for its 2012/2013 Housing Matters campaign, an effort to increase awareness and backing transitional housing in the community. Her role included working on a detailed public relations plan and providing related training to campaign staffing.

Dayna Curtis

Director of Customer Success, Rentlytics

Dayna Curtis is the Director of Customer Success at Rentlytics. She is responsible for understanding customer goals and objectives, driving adoption and providing best practice recommendations to ensure that Rentlytics customers achieve their desired outcomes. Prior to joining Rentlytics in 2015, Dayna gained real estate experience during her five years as an analyst and Asset Manager overseeing a 3000 unit Dallas-based multifamily portfolio.