From Business Intelligence to lead optimization, multifamily properties have a plethora of technology solutions at their fingertips, and the effectiveness of technology in property performance has many in the industry taking notice.

Technology advancements have steadily helped increase business productivity over the years. Yet, the multifamily industry has historically been slow to adopt change. Why?

Many multifamily professionals believe that upgrading or implementing a new solution to their tech stack is costly, but perhaps one of the biggest pain points is the onboarding process.

Many multifamily companies feel the pressures of time and don’t feel they have the bandwidth to implement new systems. Further, owners and managers worry they will expend a lot of time and resources implementing new technology that will result in low use across the organization. In fact, according to the Project Management Institute, more than four out of every five businesses do not think they are highly effective at managing change.

When evaluating a new addition to your tech stack, consider the following strategies to choose the best partner and overcome onboarding challenges:

Implement a Change Management Program

Multifamily organizations often fail in their efforts to introduce new technology to their team. From the leadership’s point of view, new systems will save employees time and increase productivity. However, from the employee’s standpoint, new systems will disrupt their processes and rock the boat.

At the core of any onboarding process is communication — not just between the organization and the vendor, but between all impacted employees. When implementing a new solution into a tech stack, multifamily professionals should prioritize a change management program to help ease the transition. This program can help multifamily professionals understand where their organization has deficiencies and weaknesses, allowing them to proactively address any potential issues during the onboarding process.

Train to Use the Technology

Whether you are upgrading current technologies, switching vendors, or adding new systems, it is essential to have training programs in place to reduce friction and make the transition as seamless as possible.

When implementing a new solution into your tech stack, it is critical to consider vendors with great training and onboarding resources. For most multifamily enterprises, training is the most important component of the onboarding process, especially given the relatively high turnover rate in the industry.

At Rentlytics, for example, we offer in-app training and live webinars. In-app training includes a new set of role-based and dashboard-specific walkthroughs designed by our Customer Success Team to help ensure a more seamless onboarding process. Additionally, designated Customer Success Managers provide webinars — virtual training sessions — that show organizations how to use Rentlytics Business Intelligence, get the most value based on their overall goals, and address any questions they might have.

Drive Adoption Across the Organization

Many multifamily organizations view training exercises as being synonymous with adoption, often overlooking the importance of adoption management. However, there are several key differences between training and adoption.

Training exercises emphasize short-term goals, technical details, and individual success. On the other hand, adoption management emphasizes long-term goals, big-picture concepts, and company-wide success.

It is important to drive adoption through your entire organization with long-term adoption management, not one-time training exercises. Smart companies go beyond training exercises by measuring adoption with metrics based on business outcomes, such as productivity and revenue growth.

Maximizing Your New Tech Purchase

Multifamily organizations that are effectively able to acquire and adopt new solutions can gain a competitive advantage in the market. However, there is more to a tech purchase than just a signature on a contract. In short: implementing a new solution into your tech stack can streamline operations, but only if employees know how to use their new system to its greatest potential. To learn more about the other essential factors to consider in any new tech purchase, download the Multifamily Tech Stack Playbook.