Today, we’re thrilled to announce our newest product here at Rentlytics: Renovation Manager, a SaaS solution that allows you to plan, execute and analyze renovation projects with ease.

We built Renovation Manager after hearing the frustrations of customers who were stuck managing value-add projects in spreadsheets. These same multifamily owners and managers that run their day-to-day property operations with the help of a property management system (PMS) had no comparable way to keep track of and analyze their multi-million dollar renovation programs.

Today, the renovation management process is still largely manual. One person must document the necessary materials, another person has to record the upcoming changes in the PMS and yet another has to enter the amenity premium into the revenue management software.

The result of these manual processes is a cluttered and inaccurate mass of data that can take teams days (or even weeks) to sift through. And, if your data is scattered and incorrect, you won’t be able to determine which renovations are worthwhile and which ones will fail to generate adequate returns.

The bottom line is that renovation programs need accurate, centralized data and processes of their own, and Renovation Manager provides that.

So, how does Renovation Manager simplify processes? First, we designed a streamlined system to help owners and managers access their data in real time and keep everyone on the same page. Then, we engineered a proprietary algorithm that ensures the accuracy of all data, so you’ll never have to wonder if your data is correct or not.



Renovation Manager also provides:
• To-do lists for property managers, with an ongoing queue of units that need to be updated
• Real-time reports on renovation progress and project ROI
• Automated alerts and on-demand updates
• A simple and easy-to-use UX and UI

If you’re ready to get higher returns from your renovation projects, register for our webinar on November 15th at 11 AM (PT) to find out how.