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Our Story.

Rentlytics was founded in 2012 with one simple goal in mind: to provide real estate investors and managers with better insights into their property and portfolio performance.

Rentlytics was borne out of co-founder Justin Alanis’ own frustrations in managing a multifamily portfolio.  He saw inherent limitations in the way that property performance data was being analyzed, and began to conceptualize a better solution that would inform the decisions that he, and many other real estate professionals, make on a daily basis.

Justin, along with technical co-founder, Phil Plante, compiled a skilled team of real estate professionals with deep expertise in real estate investments, and engineers focused on true technological innovation.  This team took on the challenges of automating the previously laborious, manual, and error-prone data management processes that have been the industry standard to date, and built a powerful technological solution to optimize data insights and overall real estate portfolio performance.

Rentlytics is passionate about building an all-encompassing, delightful product and we offer the highest level of service so that our customers can derive true value from our solution.

Our investors.

Rentlytics is backed by some of the best investors in the world.

  • Auren Hoffman

  • Dirk Wakeham

  • Thomas Byrne