Joanna Zabriskie shares how Rentlytics is helping MED Management

Impressing Investors

With clean data and deeper insights driving better property operations, BH Management soon experienced another benefit.

“Rentlytics has been useful, not just internally within our company, but in helping us raise capital and find new clients,” Zabriskie explained. “We have a Rentlytics section in our investor deck now, and we regularly talk about the transparency of the system and how we’re able to share real-time results with our clients. That’s been a game-changer for us as we’re going out and pitching our management services.”

In fact, Zabriskie shared a story of investors who came into her office and spotted a Rentlytics dashboard open on her computer.

“They said, ‘What is that?’ I flipped it up to the big screen and I said, ‘This is our 2014 fund that we raised, and these are the 35 properties in this fund, and here’s what happened yesterday in terms of traffic.’ I went through a series of the dashboards with them and they were enthralled. ‘Wow, we can see everything and this will help our asset management and our investor reporting.’”

She explained that not only that, but they could also send that same chart to the team, sharing data transparently across the portfolio.

“Two weeks later they tripled their investment in our next fund, and it was because of the transparency of the information,” Zabriskie said. “They had never seen anything like that.”

This isn’t an isolated incident, Zabriskie noted. She believes that other management companies have the ability to do the same, simply by using Rentlytics.

“I think that Rentlytics has found a niche in the industry,” Zabriskie said. “The institutional capital is coming in and pushing the information flow into a more systematic set of data that can be shared internally and externally with our clients. Right now it’s a perfect storm.”