Melanie Morrison shares how Rentlytics is helping MED Management

Better Decision-Making

This easy access to data has changed the entire organization, pushing every member to be more data-driven. MEB has shared the insights in Rentlytics with their entire team including asset directors and regional managers. Instead of focusing on just the high-level KPIs, regional teams can drill down to specific data at the unit and lease level to understand the occupancy and delinquency rates and drive up revenue.

“For asset directors and regional managers, Rentlytics really gives them an opportunity to delve into their portfolio,” she said. “Now they can make quick decisions so that we can continue to drive income.”

But being data-driven isn’t just about finding efficiencies and problems throughout the portfolio. MEB is also using data to reward their top performers for a job well done.

“You can use the KPIs in Rentlytics and recognize people that are doing outstanding jobs,” Morrison said. “It highlights how well our team members are performing. We look at financial performance, as well as marketing and leasing metrics to highlight leasing performance, delinquency, and expense ratios. We want to recognize the people that are doing well.”

Morrison said that Rentlytics has really changed how MEB operates, and the team has already seen positive results.