Maximize the ROI of Your Renovations

Renovation Manager helps you plan, execute and analyze all your renovation projects in the cloud, so you can maximize the ROI of every project.

Stay on Time and on Budget
with Renovation Manager

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With Rentlytics Renovation Manager, You Can...

Centralize your Processes Around Technology

Get all your data immediately accessible in real-time, and ensure everyone is always on the same page. Role based data authorization creates a controlled data entry environment to eliminate the possibility of accidental data override, while giving access to those who need it.

Get on Demand Updates on Renovation Project Performance

Constantly optimize the performance of your most costly initiative across your portfolio by ensuring that you are delivering a healthy return on your investment on every type of renovation on every unit across your portfolio.

Guarantee Data Accuracy

We ensure clean data through our proprietary algorithms that require data updates from the various stakeholders involved in the project. We send email notifications to remind users to come back into the application to submit their data in a timely and ongoing manner.

Make Better Decisions Faster

Make corrections immediately with real-time reports on renovation progress and plan more effectively for future renovations.

Empower Innovation With Industry-Leading Technology

Rentlytics is the only company that’s 100% focused on bringing innovative data analytics solutions to the multifamily real estate industry.

Ingest From Multiple Data Sources

Constant Innovation

Agility In The Cloud

What Multifamily Leaders Are Saying about Rentlytics

“Rentlytics has been a game-changer for us — not just internally within our company, but in helping us raise capital and find new clients. We regularly talk about Rentlytics and how we’re able to share real-time results with our clients.”