A few weeks later and the Rentlytics team is still reminiscing about the second annual User Group Session held at Terminus 330 in Atlanta, Georgia. Taking place one day before the NAA Expo, the User Group Session brought in some of Rentlytics’ top customers to hear from a panel of industry leaders.

An Introduction from Rentlytics CEO and Co-founder

The session started with an introduction from Rentlytics Co-founder and CEO, Justin Alanis. He spoke about past, present, and future market trends including rent growth, inventory, and capitalization rates and how those trends impact the multifamily industry. A few of the takeaways were:

  1. It was great to be in the multifamily industry from 2008 to 2016 as rents were soaring.
  2. However, in 2017, this excitement will mellow and rent growth will moderate from 2016’s pace to around 2.0%.
  3. As technology presents itself as a bigger player in the real estate industry, the lines between owners and operators have begun to blur.

Alanis closed out his introduction by sharing how Rentlytics fits into the shifting industry. “We see Rentlytics as sitting at the nexus point of that dialogue between owners and managers. We see data as your common language and we want you to be using this data in unique and innovative ways to drive performance and enhancements across your assets”

The User Group Panel

Rentlytics User Group Panel

Roger Muckenfuss, VP of Customer Success at Rentlytics, led a panel of some of Rentlytics most advanced customers. The panel included representatives from Greystar, LivCor, Mosser Capital, Pensam, and FPI Management; with almost 70 years of combined industry experience. The panel built on the earlier segment about market trends and the evolution of technology in the real estate sector. A few key points were:

  1. While the market is moderating, multifamily will remain a very attractive business.
  2. The market and technology are evolving to bring owners and operators closer together, but has also resulted in a blurring of roles.
  3. While these roles have shifted, advanced technology has enabled both owners and operators to access the same data and speak the same language.
  4. Existing multifamily organizations can thrive with these changes—as long as they continue to adapt, like other industries have, and become more data-driven.

Rentlytics Product Updates

Following the panel, CEO Justin Alanis spoke to Rentlytics’ three major company and product updates. The first announcement was an improvement in customer service. With a new, dedicated support team, users can get day-to-day help more easily and quickly so they can focus more on training and success planning. Alanis then shared a recent product update for Rentlytics Business Intelligence: Pinboards. Pinboards are customizable, shareable dashboards that enable users to centralize their most critical KPIs and charts, providing a faster, easier and more collaborative user experience. The final announcement was about the release of Renovation Manager. Renovation Manager helps you plan, execute and analyze all your renovation projects in the cloud, so you can maximize the ROI of every project.

Rentlytics Customer Excellence Awards

To end the event, Rentlytics’ Customer Success Managers came out and announced the winners of our first ever Customer Excellence Awards. These awards were given out along with a Rentlytics plaque commemorating their dedication and successful use of the platform. Here are some of our award winners:

  1. Most Creative Use of Rentlytics: LivCor
  2. Most Impactful Use of Rentlytics: FPI
  3. Rookie of the Year: Anne Beard, US Residential
  4. Top Rentlytics User: Tracie Culler, MEB

FPI Management Team

That’s a Wrap

Our User Group Session provided a space for managers and owners to hear about industry trends, learn from one another’s success with our experts, and see what’s new with Rentlytics. We can’t wait until our next User Group Session and hope to see you there.

If you can’t wait until then, watch the full panel discussion from this year’s event.